Carbon Stars

  • Started: February 2017-present
  • Website:
    • 100 of the best carbon stars to observe
    • Good way to get acquainted with my camera and my new SA-100 grating

I have lately become interested in a couple of different areas of astronomy that are a little more ‘science-y’ than things I have done in the past. I want to complete the Astronomical League’s Carbon Star Observing Program project, and I also want to start learning about spectroscopy. I’ll be combining these two projects to do that. I hope to take a spectrum from each of the stars on the list, or at least as many as I can. I’ll publish those spectra here.

Project Page

Messier Photos

  • Started: May 2017-present
    • Photograph all Messier Objects

I would like to eventually photograph all Messier objects and display them here.

Project Page