This is my current setup for astrophotography

Celestron C9.25

I use an older Celstron 9.25” SCT. This is the 90’s version of this OTA. I’ve owned this OTA since about 2002. Yes, there is some sentimental attachment to it. I have it mounted on a much more recently purchased CGEM mount. I’ve liked it so far.

For a guidescope, I am using a 70mm Celestron travelscope. Its not really meant for this purpose, but so far it seems to work. I have attached a ZWO ASI120MC-S camera to it. Its attached with a 2” extension to reach focus.

My camera is an unmodified Canon T6i. I use APT, Astro Photography Tool to capture. It can be used forever free, but I’ve paid for it because I find it useful and what I need.

William Optics Z73

A more recent purchase is a W.O. ZenithStar 73 doublet refractor. This is a great scope for wide-field. I find the build quality to very high for William Optics scopes.